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2014...Here we go

We are just eleven months away from the mid-term elections, and these elections will be as crucial as ever, perhaps even more so. The need to save our Republic from the clutches of failed liberal policies is important for the futures of our children and grandchildren. Now is the time to offer bold conservative solutions for America.

The White House and the Democrats have shown their cards and their strategy is obvious and predictable, though sadly effective. For liberals, 2014 will be marked by class warfare and a “war” against income inequality. There will be certain policy proposals that fall in line with the strategy. We are already seeing this play out with the push to extend jobless benefits without paying for them. We will also see a concerted push to increase the minimum wage, which does nothing to actually reduce economic inequality. But that is exactly the point – the campaign against economic inequality is merely that: a campaign. It is designed to agitate people and convince them that Democrats can solve their problems. But solving the problem isn't really their goal. It's all about wooing voters.

CNN reports that a former White House official admitted that Obama is better at campaigning than he is governing. That's no secret to those of us who have closely watched as his presidency has unraveled. But it shows that the White House is aware of Obama's strengths and will likely capitalize on those strengths in the coming months and years. Expect more speeches and lofty rhetoric to sell an idea, and the idea for now is wealth envy: The rich keep getting richer at the expense of the poor and that's not fair.

So we have the economic inequality campaign. We also have another campaign, which I've told you about for months and that is the push for Democrats to blame Republicans for a do-nothing Congress. Americans in general are tired of the gridlock in Washington, and so the Democrats will do their part in blaming this phenomenon on Republicans, and more specifically the Tea Party. We've already seen Harry Reid do this on Face the Nation over the weekend.

Where does that leave Republicans? Republicans would be best not to allow the Democrats and the Obama administration dictate the narrative for 2014. However I recognize that this is easier said than done when you have the mainstream media as a complicit partner in your agenda-setting campaign. But Republicans, or conservatives, will not be able to break through without bold solutions and compelling voices that speak right to the heart of the American people. There is an article in The Hill today, “House Republicans must choose ambition or caution in 2014.” Where is caution going to get us? Americans are ready for ambitious solutions to our nations problems. If you think caution will break through the liberal-Democrat-media clutter, you are wrong.

That leads us to ObamaCare. Many pundits have already pointed out that this concerted effort to focus on class warfare is as much about ObamaCare as it is inequality. The Democrats and the White House know that ObamaCare will be an albatross around their necks in the 2014 election. Nancy Pelosi, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and others may try and say that it is not, but all the polling indicates that it is. Democrats will focus on just about anything in order to avoid stories about ObamaCare. Even MSNBC's Chuck Todd told David Gregory over the weekend that the administration “would like to be talking about anything other than healthcare.”

We will clearly not let that be the case. ObamaCare embodies the failures of liberal, big-government policies along with the failure of this administration to competently implement its self-proclaimed “chief legislative achievement.” ObamaCare will continue to be a story through the 2014 election, because its problems are not just limited to the website. The failures of ObamaCare are embedded in its liberal approach to a complex issue. As George Will told Fox News' George Wallace over the weekend, “there is nothing better for American conservatism than periodic examples of untrammeled liberalism.” While he wasn't specifically talking about ObamaCare, the message still applies.

Today in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson is filing a lawsuit. He wants to force Congress to live under the same ObamaCare laws as the rest of America, rather than enjoy their exemptions, which fly in the face of the original law. It represents yet another example of executive overreach, which we've come to know so well from this President. For all their talk of fairness and inequality, that doesn't apply to DC Democrats in their own lives and jobs but apparently only to the rest of Americans.

When the administration is forced to talk about ObamaCare, I wouldn't expect them to remind you of their original promises made to the American people. For example, remember those 7 million people who were expected to gain coverage by March 31st? That has been downgraded from an official estimate to a mere suggestion. Top White House economic adviser Gene Sperling says that there is “no magic number” and that "success is having an ongoing strong market." What they won't tell you though is that this 7 million person figure is crucial in the system working properly, otherwise we could see a “death spiral” in terms of rate costs. Sam Baker of National Journal explains how ObamaCare can't fail and this is because the administration continues to downgrade its measure of “success.” The success of ObamaCare has become nothing more than the complete “non-failure” of the law. Is this the best that we can do in this country? It's outrageous that this is considered acceptable to liberals.

As always, there is never a shortage of stories related to the failure of ObamaCare. I will continue to provide them to you because it's unlikely that the mainstream media will do so.

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