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$24 million for a TV station nobody watches

How would feel about spending $24 million to broadcast TV programming that absolutely nobody ever watched?

Well that's exactly what is happening, thanks to your tax dollars.

According to a report from the Daily Caller:

In an effort to bring objective news to communist-controlled Cuba, over the past six years the U.S. [taxpayers] paid over $24 million to keep aloft a plane beaming anti-Castro TV programming to the Caribbean island …

The plane normally flies near Cuba in a figure-8 pattern for hours while transmitting baseball games, local news and interviews with anti-Castro activists …

The only problem? Nobody’s watching.

The Cuban government has blocked the transmissions since the AeroMarti program began in 2007, making the broadcasts impossible to see or hear in all but the most rural parts of the country.

Sometimes we do dumb things with the intent to help others. This is a prime example.

SOURCE: Daily Caller