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A Hannitized Road Trip!

The Cottrell Family recently emailed the show about their cross country road trip, below is an excerpt:

What a great and wonderful experience to PROUDLY show our support of the Hannity show by putting "HANNITIZED" and "GOT HANNITY?" on the back of our car window. We never in a million years thought we would get so much attention by it. In fact, the ONLY reason we did it was because my husband and I are such HUGE fans of the Hannity show. People were so amazed how young we were (as if we shouldn't know about things of the world and it's happenings) anyway, we met people from all over that are fans of Hannity. We left Arizona and traveled to Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana (on our family vacation) and everywhere we went we got waves, honks, people actually followed us in to gas stations from the freeway and in the middle of no-where. In fact, when I was talking to Hannity (we had to stop in the middle of a canyon so we wouldn't lose our signal) a lady pulled up to make sure we were okay and the reason she stopped was because she saw our Hannity stickers. (WOW) can you imagine? Anyway, I have attached a picture of our car for you to see.

The Cottrell Family

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