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A Nuclear Iran

Iran's nuclear program has made news over the last few days.

Over the weekend, the New York Times reported that Iran is building 3,000 advanced uranium-enriched centrifuges. As the New York Times writes, this development is likely to “add to Western concerns” about the program. Gee, you think?

Then yesterday we had Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warning The American Israel Public Affairs Committee that Iran is getting closer to crossing the crucial “red line.” This is something that he has been warning about for quite a while.

At that same Aipac meeting yesterday, Crazy Uncle Joe said that while the US preferred a diplomatic solution, a military option against Iran remains on the table.

This morning on ABC News, John Kerry conceded to Martha Raddatz that diplomacy and tough sanctions have failed to stop Iran from pursing a nuclear weapon. Not only is this a grave concern to our Israeli allies but Iran's success has the potential to “spur a nuclear arms race” in a region of the world that supports terrorism and despises the United States.

A nuclear Iran is something that we have known was coming for years. At what point will diplomacy and sanctions actually make impact? I'm afraid that point will come, but only after Iran has secured a nuclear weapon. They are dangerously close, and I have little faith that this administration has the ability to do much more about it.