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A rabbit disaster plan?

Do you want an example of just how dumb our government can be?

The Washington Post has a story about a man named Marty Hahne. Marty is a magician, and in his act he uses a real, live rabbit. In order to use the rabbit in his act, Marty must obtain a license of the US Department of Agriculture under a law that regulates zoos, circuses and “animal exhibitors.”

But it gets worse. The government has issued a new rule, which requires Marty, with a rabbit license, to come up with … are you ready for this? … a rabbit disaster plan! He explains that the government is requiring him to submit a plan on exactly how he would save the rabbit in the event of a fire, flood, tornado, lack of air conditioning, ice storm or power failure.

You can't make this stuff up! Luckily the rule is being “re-examined,” but this just speaks to the absurdity that is possible at the hands of big, bloated, bureaucratic government.

SOURCE: Washington Times