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A (Unbalanced) Senate Budget At Last

If Washington wasn't so dysfunctional, today would just be another day rather than a historic day. Why historic? Because the Senate is expected to approve a budget resolution for the first time in four years, over 1400 days. To say “it's about time,” would be an understatement.

While expected to pass Democrat Senator Patty Murray's budget resolution today, the Senate last night already rejected House Republican Paul Ryan's budget. While all Democrats in the Senate voted against the Ryan budget, five Republican Senators joined them in voting against it: Sens. Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Dean Heller, and Susan Collins.

Also last night Senate Democrats united to defeat a motion that would have required them to rewrite their budget to make it balance by 2023, like the Ryan budget. The only Democrat to vote for this balanced budget idea was Joe Manchin of West Virginia. In other words, every single Democrat Senator, with the exception of one, rejected the idea of balancing the budget. That's just dumb. This should be a no-brainer. Americans can't run their households by spending money they don't have. Businesses couldn't survive like this. Why do these Democrats think that this is somehow OK?

Based on the number of amendments being offered today, it's possible that this “historic” day could actually come in the wee hours of tomorrow morning. After that, we will wait until after the Easter recess before Republicans and Democrats begin to negotiate and attempt to find common ground on the budget.