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After Debate Gaffe, Perry Says He 'Stepped In It,' But Is Not Calling It Quits

He may suffer legendary brain freezes, but he will not be called quitter.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry on Thursday acknowledged his epic fail in Wednesday's Republican presidential debate, when he blanked on the third of three departments in the federal government that he would eliminate.

But the 2012 hopeful says he's not backing down from his pursuit of the White House.

"You know what today is, it's the 200, and I believe, 36th birthday of the United States Marine Corps. If there was a day to quit, this isn't it," Perry told Fox News, adding that he's going out to the heartland to talk about issues.

Admitting he's not the "slickest politician or the best debater," Perry said "style over substance certainly happened last night."

"I stepped in it last night, that's for sure," he said.

Perry said he will also attend another GOP debate Saturday in South Carolina, but doesn't know his schedule after that. He has weighed whether to abandon the debate format for venues and events where he can excel in one-on-one contacts and long-form answers.

And he argued he has the best plan for an American recovery.

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