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Against All Odds

Sean welcomed Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown to the program to discuss his new memoir, “Against All Odds.”

Brown’s book tells the story of his difficult, often nomadic childhood, shunted from house to apartment, and town to town, seventeen times over his first eighteen years. He somehow managed to thrive, despite an absent father, who married four separate times. So did his mother, in relationships frequently stained with alcohol, anger, and even violence.

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Brown found solace in basketball which helped him find a way out of his family chaos. He won the starting slot on the Tufts varsity basketball team as a freshman and became the tenth-highest scorer to graduate in the school's history. The book details Brown’s unlikely path that led him to national political stardom.

Brown shares a few secrets from his unprecedented Senate race and how he was about to mount such a remarkable victory. For more information on “Against All Odds” please click here.