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Alec Baldwin's Brother Angry At Sean

Stephen Baldwin can’t take a joke, at least when it revolves around brother and potential political candidate Alec Baldwin.

Stephen is unhappy that Sean Hannity joked on his syndicated radio program that Hannity was “Alec Baldwin’s favorite radio talk-show host,” referencing a 2006 radio blowout between the two. Soon after the spat, Alec wrote in a Huffington Post blog entry, “Hannity is the Larry Flynt of talk-radio. And he has about as much influence in the world of American public affairs as Flynt. It must be hard for these rabid right-wing types to watch their heroes fall.”

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Tuesday’s episode of Sean Hannity included clips from Alec’s notorious expletive-heavy voice messages to his then 11-year-old daughter Ireland, much to the chagrin of Stephen.

“This behavior by Hannity is the stupidity that people often refer to when they think of George W. Bush and Sarah Palin,” Stephen told Page Six. “If he needs to lower himself to petty stupidity, then he needs to get off the radio.”

Hannity rebutted that Alec Baldwin needs to fight his own battles and not have brother Stephen do his dirty work.

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