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All American Hearts

All American Hearts, a collection of true stories of Purple Heart recipients, is Joseph Baddick's second book. His first, My Hero My Son, chronicles the brief life and devastating loss of his son, Andrew J. Baddick, who died in Iraq in September of 2003. Responding to hundreds of emails, letters and phone calls after releasing My Hero My son, Joe realized that many of those reaching out and consoling him in his hour of need had suffered greatly themselves.

They were wounded warriors-young soldiers who had been injured in Iraq and Afghanistan. Those courageous young men and women had lost so much, yet their spirits remained unbroken, and their will to move forward in the face of great adversity inspired. All American Hearts was born of their courage. Told in their own words, their brutal honesty will astound, their courage will inspire, and the graphic descriptions of their injuries will shock. This important piece of military history shines a great light on the power of the human spirit to love and protect, and the power of the human being to destroy.

In September of 2009, Joe Baddick was called on stage at the Freedom Concert and Sean honored his son:

Joe Baddick will be on today's radio show (Monday, July 1st) to talk with Sean. The audio of that interview will be posted shortly after today's show.

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