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America's Shift

Yesterday I walked you through some of the more ridiculous rhetoric coming from Nancy Pelosi these days. Harry Reid – currently the most unpopular Congressional leader in Washington – is joining the chorus, calling Republicans “anarchists” who are trying to take the country hostage.

I would argue that the more ridiculous the rhetoric becomes, the more it indicates desperation on the part of those who feel they are losing power.

A brand new Gallup poll released this week shows that 60% of Americans believe the federal government has too much power. This can't be good for many in Washington, and particularly for those lawmakers whose power rests in the maintenance of big government.

Since Obama has become president, opinions on federal power have become more polarized, with Republicans distrusting big government at record levels of 81%. This is 43% higher than Democrats. Just last week, confidence and trust in our federal government dipped lower than the height of the Watergate scandal in 1974.

Confidence in our president is also fading. Obama's approval ratings have fallen to their lowest levels in two years, with his disapproval rating standing at 54%. This is likely because of on-going scandals, Syria and ObamaCare. Obama is losing core constituents such as blacks, young people, women and independents. In fact according to the latest Zogby polling, Obama's approval rating from independents have plummeted 30 points from the election less than a year ago.

In other words, there is a real sour taste in America's mouth right now for big government, and Obama's poll numbers are sliding. This is exactly why this is the right time to seize on the issue of ObamaCare (doesn't get much more “big government” than that) and work to save the American people from this train wreck. It's not that Americans seek big solutions; We seek common sense solutions. Those are not the same thing, though many in Washington seem to think that's the case. The polling is shifting in favor of conservatives who seek to limit the size and scope of government. Now it is Republicans who have to make the most of it.