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Another sales pitch

Is Barack Obama aware that he is the Commander-in-Chief and not a salesman? Today marks a new concerted effort on the part of this administration to sell ObamaCare to the American people. They still think their main problem is their sales pitch…

So let's get back to the website. The problem is that still isn't up to private sector standards. The failure of the website to handle traffic is absurd, but there is another bigger issue for those who have already attempted to use the site. According to the Washington Post, as many as one-third of people who think they've enrolled in ObamaCare may not actually be covered come January 1st. That's right – mistakes in the enrollment forms could effect as many as one-third of those who think they've signed up for coverage. From the Washington Post:

“The errors, if not corrected, mean that tens of thousands of consumers are at risk of not having coverage when the insurance goes into effect Jan. 1, because the health plans they picked do not yet have accurate information needed to send them a bill. Under the 2010 law designed to reshape the health-care system, consumers are not considered to have coverage unless they have paid at least the first monthly insurance premium.”

This is unbelievable. Not only does the website not work properly, which has caused the administration to miss its projections by millions, but people who were actually able to get on the site still may not be covered. Amazing.

Americans are having a hard time trusting government right now as it is. The fact that their information is not secure doesn't exactly entice people into giving up their most private information. This system relies on a need for trust, which is currently absent. And unfortunately for Americans, and politically for Democrats, things are likely to get worse. As Marc Thiessen in the Washington Post writes, the website is not really the problem. He's absolutely right. The website is nothing more than a reflection of incompetence, but the underlying issues of ObamaCare are what Americans are stressing about and what Democrats will be held accountable for in 2014.

But if we hunker down and wait until 2017, ObamaCare will work splendidly by then, right? Wrong. By then, if not repealed, we will simply have resigned ourselves to the mediocrity of our new government-run healthcare system. Democrats would rather us “settle” for ObamaCare than fight for better coverage, better care, more competition and a lower costs.

Perhaps Obama will use this opportunity in his latest sales pitch to actually sign up for ObamaCare. That's right, the president has yet to sign up for his own law. The question will be: does he sign up for it in front of the world, or in private? This White House is all about controlling the message, so I would be surprised if they allowed cameras or reporters to watch the president sign up for coverage with the very-possible chance that the website could fail.

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