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Are We Listening To The American People Now?

It's funny to me how if you are a Republican, you are polarizing and if you are a liberal you are passionate. It's disturbing to me that now, saying you are one side of the aisle makes you a bad person.

For those of us independents, I would say we can see the negative in both parties. However, the bashing against the Republicans via the liberal view point is taken to a much more pronounced level.

Let's look at television and movies, how many of them single out Republicans or make derogatory comments referring to the entire political party. Recently I was watching "Julie and Julia," a film based on the life of Julia Child and a blogger inspired by her. This is completely unrelated to politics, correct? Not so much, in one scene the blogger is in a meeting with her boss, who states he would have fired her already if he was a 'Republican.'

Currently, media matters is interested in shutting down FOX and all conservative outlets. It's curious, since film and television stars, musicians, and comedians alike support and promote the President. Endless news outlets, i.e. CBS, NBC, MSNBC, the WB and ABC, to name a few, all skew their news to the left. There are many shows on radio as well that cater to the left's point of view.

So, now that we know the majority of celebrities and basic and cable news outlets all support the liberal agenda, why is there such bias against the conservative side's same rights?

Imagine if a right winged group openly announced its decision to work on the demise of a left wing media outlet. We would be hearing about it non-stop. If the left is so concerned with the rights of the American people and their right to hear both sides of the issues and stories, why are they fighting to take one side away?

I mean if we are supposed to listen to the people and the will and desires of the people are what matter, than why aren't we? We heard them when they wanted to vote in the President. Now that he has put in 3 years of service, the American people are showing their support of another direction. How do I know this? Well take a look at the ratings, FOX news and conservative radio stations have numbers that are beating out every liberal media outlet.

Are we listening to the American people now?