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August recess

Washington's August recess is upon us, which means that members of Congress will return to their districts for a few weeks while the President jets off to Martha's Vineyard. Don't you wish you had the vacation schedule of these people representing you in Washington?

While a lot won't be happening in Washington, the politicking will spread throughout the nation. You can absolutely bet that everyone is going home to their districts with a strategy. August will be the long, hot, grueling preparation for the showdown in the fall.

I want you to know exactly what the Democrat strategy is for August, and I want you to notice how the lapdog media plays right into the hands of the Democrats trying to establish their message ahead of the fall budget showdown.

The strategy is called “A Better Bargain for the Middle Class.” Yes, that is what lawmakers are supposed to go home and push while the president vacations at a $7.6 million villa in Martha's Vineyard. The plan will focus on five things: Job creation, education, housing, retirement security and ObamaCare. Obama also laid out his strategy for dealing with Republicans on upcoming budget issues: There will be no compromises. No negotiations on the debt ceiling or sequestration. “Stimulating” the economy (aka. Spending more money) will take priority over any need to bring down the debt.

Another branch of the Obama propaganda machine will be focusing on a slightly different agenda other than the economy. Organizing for Action is planning an “Action August” campaign centered around all the issues Americans could care less about (compared to the economy). These issues include climate change, immigration and gun control. The campaign will include a national day of action in August focusing specifically on climate change to hold people accountable who question climate science. A recent pledge sent out to its members says that they want to make this August “hard for Speaker John Boehner to forget.” In other words, bring on the spin, hyperbole and rhetoric – August is going to about political posturing.

Republicans can also expect progressives to show up to townhall meetings and speeches and cause a ruckus. According to a report in the Huffington Post: “On Wednesday, [the progressive group Americans United for Change] is launching Accountable Congress, a new website meant to be a summer toolkit for the progressive community, providing information about where Republican members of Congress and senators will be speaking during the August recess away from Capitol Hill. It includes progressive talking points on issues of the day, including immigration, climate change and gun violence, in addition to suggested questions to ask Republican lawmakers.”

Looks like the long, hot summer is far from over.