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Bachmann: 2012 goal is making Obama one-term president

The audience at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington cheered and drowned out the Minnesota lawmaker as she said: "The all-important must have for 2012 is making Barack Obama a one-term president."

Bachmann has been making trips to Iowa, home of the nation's first presidential caucuses, to test the waters for a potential 2012 White House bid. She is among 10 potential candidates "running" on CPAC's presidential straw poll.

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Bachmann, a third-term lawmaker and favorite of the Tea Party movement, hit familiar themes with the GOP as she urged thousands of activists to help Congress repeal the nation's health care law, reduce budget deficits and curb long-term debt.

"Obamacare is the never ending gift that keeps on giving to liberalism," she said, adding that repealing the health care law "is the driving motivation of my life."

As keynote speaker of the conference's opening sesson, Bachmann was at times the party's head cheerleader as she rallied the crowd over the GOP's successes in the 2010 elections in Congress, governorships and state legislatures.

Using a baseball reference, Bachmann said her hope for 2012 was that Republicans would go for the political equivalent of a triple crown.

Building the GOP's majority in the U.S. House and electing a "conservative" Senate with more Tea Party favorites such as Kentucky's Rand Paul are Bachmann's first two pieces of the political crown. And the third?

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