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Bachmann Demands Democrats Give Back $105 Billion 'Tucked Away' Inside Health Care Law

SEAN HANNITY, HOST: So, remember when Nancy Pelosi infamously said the Congress must first pass the health care bill in order to find out what is in it.

Well, tonight, I'm sorry to report that it seems that she was right. Now according to Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, a number of provisions were hidden so deep inside this legislation that most members of Congress are still unaware of their existence. It is a staggering $105 billion in appropriations that were inserted into the bill at the last minute behind closed doors.

VIDEO: Bachmann demands return of $105 billion to taxpayers

Now in this case, the traditional appropriations process was bypassed meaning that more than 100 billion taxpayer dollars has already been sent to bureaucrats to fund this controversial bill.

Now by engaging in this deceitful process, Democrats like Nancy Pelosi ensured that regardless of the outcome of last November's elections, that the hands of Congress would be tied and Obamacare would be funded, no matter what.

And here to explain how this was even possible and what Republicans can do to roll it back is Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.

You know, when I first heard this, I said -- I couldn't even believe the story, is so unbelievable. Because Republicans have been saying, "All right, if we don't get the president to sign onboard in the Senate, we are going to defund it."


HANNITY: So, now you found out through the congressional, what, research service.

BACHMANN: Congressional Research Service, with the reports that was issued two weeks before the election, no one was really reading Congressional Research reports. And then there was another report issued in February that detailed the $105 billion. And this is an enormous sum of money. A 105 billion, 464 million, this was tucked away inside the Obamacare bill.

People say, "Well, what's wrong with the members of Congress? Why didn't you know it's there?" It's because we didn't get the bill until literally a couple of hours before we were supposed to vote on it and it's 2900 pages long. What they did is they took the bill, this amount of money, split it up and put in different sections of the bill. Nobody knew until February, when it came out. We had an eagle eye from the Heritage Foundation, Ernest Istook, a former member of Congress, found this in this report. He wrote a few blog posts. One of my colleagues Steve King from Iowa also found out about this and we've been trying to do everything we can to alert people and say, give the money back.

HANNITY: Well, first of all, how breathtaking is it that you can insert it in a 3,000 page bill and lose $105 billion in the process and nobody picked up on it?

BACHMANN: I think this is an intentional, don't you?

HANNITY: Yes, because it sounds like it.

BACHMANN: Do you think that Harry Reid is just like an escaped his memory to tell the senators, oh by the way, if you vote for Obamacare, you are also voting for another $105 billion.

HANNITY: Were they that pessimistic that December when they passed this that they'd lose?

BACHMANN: Well, I think they knew, I think this was intentional. I think that, that's why I say, Obama, Reid and Pelosi, they owe us an apology and an explanation. But they need to give the money back. This is the good news. The bad news is, Obamacare is prefunded for the next eight years, the implementation. We thought if we can't repeal it --

HANNITY: You can defund it.

BACHMANN: -- at least we can defund it. Now, we can't defund it.

HANNITY: So, you're telling people now that you cannot defund.

BACHMANN: No, it is done. It is done.

HANNITY: So, there's no way to remedy this?

BACHMANN: Yes, there is. That's the good news.

OK, now, the good news is, we've got this two week continuing resolution, government runs out of money on March 18th. This is what we've propose, we've written language to add on to the next continuing resolution that says, Obama, Pelosi, Reid, you give this money back. You didn't tell the American people, you didn't tell the Senate, you didn't tell the House, give the money back. And then, we'll start talking about the budget, this is the first thing.

HANNITY: Is the leadership in agreement with you on this? In other words, will all the Republicans in the household the line? Meaning, you will shutdown the government unless this money that they inserted to fund Obamacare is given back?

BACHMANN: Well, that's what we are going to talk about this week when we go back to Washington, D.C. I just want to encourage your listeners, you can go to my -- either my website Michele Bachmann or my Facebook site, we are going to have regular updates. So, go there for regular updates.

HANNITY: Have you spoken to the leadership about it?

BACHMANN: I have spoken to the leadership and we are going to have a meeting tomorrow at 5:30 at the Capitol to explain. A lot of members don't even know about this yet, this outrage. So we're going to discuss it.

HANNITY: Now, once you found out that Kathleen Sebelius has what, a $16 billion slush fund.

BACHMANN: Oh, this is incredible, section 402 of the bill. She has a $16 billion slush fund, that means she can do whatever she wants at this money. She can reach in, tap it, spend it anyway she wants.

HANNITY: Sixteen billion dollars.

BACHMANN: It gets worse than that, Sean, in section 1311[a], she has the right to an unlimited tap on the Treasury Department. So, if let's say, California, that's in a financial mess, they can call her up and say, "Guess what? We need more money to put in these private health exchanges, maybe all 30 billion." She can say "sure thing," without coming back to Congress she can appropriate the money.

HANNITY: I thought Congress appropriated money.

BACHMANN: I did too, so did the Constitution.

HANNITY: Where do they get the idea that they can appropriate unlimited amounts of money? That's unconstitutional.

BACHMANN: They gave themselves that authority. In my mind that's unconstitutional.

HANNITY: I just can't believe nobody picked up on this.

BACHMANN: Well, why do you think Speaker Pelosi wouldn't let us read the bill? Why do you think Harry Reid wouldn't give the senators the bill until just hours ahead of time? Remember, not one Republican voted for Obamacare in the Senate or House, only Democrats did.

HANNITY: We're running out of time, and I've to ask you a political question, because you are considering a run for the presidency.

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