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Bachmann: "This was a lost opportunity"

In an interview with Congresswoman Michele Bachmann yesterday Sean said “If I was in the congress I would not have supported this deal. Twenty-eight people agree with me and you’re one of them.” In a battle over the deficit and where to make budget cuts, the Congress made an agreement just shy of midnight Friday night, at which point there would have been a government shutdown.

Many on the right, including Michele Bachmann and Sean think the GOP did not get a large enough cut in the deficit including ending funding for programs like Obamacare and Planned Parenthood.

Bachmann was disappointed because “voters wanted to dramatically cut funding and defund Obamacare.” Although many GOP demands were not met, Bachmann does say “we’re in a very powerful position. Obama doesn’t give us a dime unless we give it to him” but laments that, “if we wailed on it harder we could have gotten a lot further.”

Sean asks Bachmann point blank “what happened?” Part of Bachmann’s explanation is that Congress “didn’t make it clear what they were fighting for.” In essence they “didn’t’ blow [the issues] up and make it a big issue to get backing” from public opinion. They kept focusing on cuts but not the finite details as to where the cuts should be made.

“We didn’t let people know what we were fighting for. I was fighting to defund Planned Parenthood and defund Obamacare.”