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Boston Tea Party of 2011

Since the election of Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) all eyes have been on Massachusetts. An historically Democratic state and home to the most liberal politicians of the Kennedy family.

Sean interviews Jeff Katz of Boston’s WXKS Morning show to get the latest directly from the belly of the Boston Tea Party Friday April 15th. “We have Massachusetts Republicans which a lot of other places would be called Democrats,” but they “put their money where their mouth was” Katz says of the ‘Tea Party’ patrons who came out in droves.

Sean asked what was their reaction to the budget deal made in DC just one week before to which Katz replied “It’s like a boyfriend or a girlfriend who left for something better,” and notes the concern that Republicans fear they will get blamed for everything which stunts their motivation to go after what the people who voted them in office want.

Sean mentions the stunning election victories for the Republicans and Tea Party candidates in 2011 and admits “if anyone gets the credit it’s the people you’re with today.” Katz responds “they’re regular folks, no a part of the establishment, many have never been involved in politics. They work really hard and like to do the right thing. They are passionate because they understand this debate is about their kids and their grandkids.”