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Busted! Secret Service/Clinton let loose in Colombia

Americans received a one-two punch of news from the President’s planned trip to Cartagena, Colombia to attend the Summit of the Americas.

Ronald Kessler, the chief Washington correspondent of and New York Times bestselling author, broke one shocking story Sunday. Roughly a dozen secret service agents were sent home from Colombia because they hired prostitutes.

Not only were ethical measures at play as many of the agents were married, but in his Newsmax article published yesterday, Kessler wrote they also “violated their top-secret security clearances…An extra-marital affair if proven can be grounds for revoking a clearance.” But the story obtains a dangerous element as well. Kessler wrote “The breach is deadly serious. A prostitute could blackmail an agent into cooperating with a foreign intelligence service, a terrorist, or a drug cartel leader. The SVR, the successor to the KGB, would like nothing better than to have an agent in its pocket-to plant bugging devices in the president’s hotel room, limousine, or the White House itself. A terrorist could use an agent to obtain access to the president to carry out an assassination.”

The ages of the prostitutes have yet to be identified which could pose even more problems. Additionally, Kessler is concerned that the Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan who has been director since 2006 “has presided over corner-cutting and a general atmosphere of laxness.”

Although not related, it seems as though the agents were not the only ones who let loose on their trip to the Latin country. Our Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was photographed dancing and drinking beer on Saturday night. Must have been a rough summit!