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Congressional Christmas credit card

Here's a question for you: What if you had no spending limits this Christmas? That would be nice!

While average Americans are operating on budgets this holiday season, the same cannot be said for Washington. They are spending as if they had an unlimited Christmas credit card. The only problem is that Congress isn't sent the bill, we the taxpayers will be forced to pay the tab.

Budget negotiations are underway in Congress but I wouldn't count on any major cuts. In fact, we will probably spend more money when it's all said and done, not less.

But the Heritage Foundation wants us to remember a few goodies we managed to find the money for, even as Congress complains that there is nowhere to cut:

- Government employees visiting the Caribbean on your dime

- Taxpayers paying for more efficient coffee bean roasting

- A “Star Trek” parody video for an IRS convention

- $400,000 in one year for booze for diplomats to entertain

- A video game that simulates a high school prom

The excuse that we can't cut spending is such a joke.

Source: Heritage Foundation