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Criminalizing Conservatism

For the last few days I've told you about a 25 year veteran who is being punished for essentially being conservative and even for reading my books!

Fox News' Todd Starnes has been chronicling the soldier's troubles, which apparently started last year when he was confronted by his superior officer about the anti-Obama bumper stickers on the soldier's car. He was told that he was creating “unnecessary workplace tension” with the presence of those stickers.

But it didn't end there. The soldier was apparently reprimanded for tweeting about serving Chick-fil-A at his promotion party. You can read more about the offending tweet about Chick-fil-A which led to an investigation, after being reprimanded, threatened with judicial action and receiving a poor efficiency report.

And yes, the solder came under fire for reading conservative books by Mark Levin, David Limbaugh and yours truly. According to Todd Starnes, “Last summer he was reading Limbaugh’s 'The Great Destroyer' backstage at a concert when a superior officer told him that he was causing 'unit disruption' and was offending other soldiers.”

Anyway, the soldier is now facing Article 15 charges, which happened to pop up only after he went public with his complaints.

Is this what passes for free speech in this nation nowadays? We have a First Amendment for a reason. We've already seen that our government is willing and capable of targeting conservatives for their political and religious beliefs. In my opinion, this soldier deserves better, as do all our men and women serving this great country.