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Daniel Hannan on Crisis in Egypt

Daniel Hannan, the outspoken British politician and Member of the European Parliament, joined Sean to discuss the crisis in Egypt. Hannan agreed with Sean’s fear that the end result of all the unrest in Egypt could be a radical Islamic state.

AUDIO: Listen to Sean's interview with Hannan here

“Nobody wants to see the emergence of any kind of anti-Democratic or authoritarian regime,” Hannan told Sean. The question now, Hannan explained, is if the chaos occurring in Egypt now will lead to such a radical, anti-Democratic state. “My own view is that the West has made a mistake,” Hannan described. “We were so scared at the prospect of some of these Muslims taking over that we ended up propping up some terrible, terrible strong men. There are some really nasty dictatorships around that region,” said Hannan.

The end result is that we’ve ultimately created the thing we’ve been trying to avoid. “Fundamentalism thrives on persecution. The policy of backing secular strongmen has failed in its own terms, as well as being morally objectionable. It’s time to try Democracy. Our inclination, other things being equal, should be towards representative government. We have, after all, made the same mistake before. In Iran, we lined up behind a brutal autocracy because the alternative was thought to be Islamic fundamentalism. As Sarah Palin might put it, ‘How’s that workin’ out for ya?’” Hannan concluded.