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Defrauding, Security & Scams Under Obamacare

If you do nothing else today, take the time to watch the latest undercover investigation by Project Veritas. This is relates to Obamacare navigators. An undercover investigation at an Obamacare navigator site in Texas found navigators suggesting that you lie on your form about your health habits and income status in order to achieve lower premiums or higher Obamacare subsidies. The investigation also finds a supposedly non-project, non-partisan navigator group – Enroll America – that claims direct ties to the DNC and actively works with an organization to turn Texas into a Blue state.

What's amazing is that $67 million of your tax dollars has been spent on these Obamacare navigators. Yet as we found out from Kathleen Sebelius last week, these people don't even have to pass background checks in order to qualify as a navigator. This means that convicted felons, for example, may have access to your most private information.

Even on the website your information is not secure. In an astounding revelation released yesterday by Congress, the project manager in charge of building, Henry Chao, was never informed of the significant security issues associated with Obamacare before the launch of the exchanges. He was never made aware of a September 3rd memo highlighting two high security risks within the system. If this is true, one has to wonder who was responsible for withholding this information and why. The answer seems pretty clear: they knew that such large security risks would hamper a timely rollout of Obamacare, which was simply unacceptable. Instead, they'd rather put your own security at risk.

And along with all of this come the reports of scams and frauds. USA Today has a report on different email, phone and imposter websites being used to scam particularly the elderly, disabled and small business owners.

Security and privacy are the cornerstones of trust for the American people, and Obamacare has managed to blow that in a very big way for the sake of political expediency.