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Delay Of ObamaCare Provision An Admission Of Defeat?

The Obama administration announced yesterday that it will give a one-year extension to medium and large businesses to meet the requirements of a major ObamaCare provision requiring them to provide affordable healthcare to their employees. However, with yesterday’s announcement, businesses don’t need to worry about being fined or penalized until after the midterm elections for not providing healthcare plans. “The Administration is announcing that it will provide an additional year before the ACA mandatory employer and insurer reporting requirements begin,” the Treasury Department announced. “We have listened to your feedback, and we’re taking action.”

“Obamacare costs too much and it isn’t working the way the administration promised,” Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said after the Treasury announced the one-year delay. “And while the White House seems to slowly be admitting what Americans already know, and what I hear consistently in my travels around Kentucky regarding the regulatory burden on employers, the fact remains that Obamacare needs to be repealed and replaced with common-sense reforms that actually lower costs for Americans.”

Speaker John Boehner’s press secretary Brendan Buck tweeted simply: “Obamacare. Such a train wreck.”

So while the Obama administration may have publicly said that they are "listening to your feedback and taking action," what they're really saying is “Democrats are doomed if ObamaCare takes effect before the election!”