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Dems Flee from Obama, Obamacare

Another day and we have another broken Obamcare promise. After the disastrous rollout of the Obamacare exchanges, we were promised by this administration that the website would be fully functional by the end of November; we just had to give them until the end of November to fix the “glitches.” Believe it or not, the end of November is already upon us and we are now being told that the administration will not meet its end of November deadline. Seriously? Sadly, this is what we've come to expect now from this administration.

What's the point of making promises if they aren't expected to be kept? Who can we trust in Washington any more to hold firm to their words or their campaign promises. Perhaps the only ones I can think of right now are those conservatives like Ted Cruz and others who went to Washington and actually did what they promised they would do: fight to repeal Obamacare. He wasn't the only one who made that promise to his constituents yet he was only one of a few who was actually willing to follow through on that promise. Yet somehow he was demonized as the “extremist” or the “radical.”

Looks who is extreme or radical now? This week has been a disaster for Obamacare among members of his own party. We aren't even talking about Republicans or conservatives any more. Obamacare has become a toxic issue for liberals and many are trying to distance themselves from Obama himself.

Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana flies on Airforce One with the president, but then makes a B-line for the exit when he speaks in her state. She would do virtually anything to avoid being seen and pictured with the president.

Then there's Bill Clinton who said that “the president should honor the commitment the federal government made to those people and let them keep what they got." This is a major slap-in-the-face for Obama and some believe it is an attempt to distance himself and Hillary from Obama's toxicity as she gears up for a 2016 run.

Democrat Rep. Kurt Schrader of Oregon called out the president's promise of keeping your current insurance as “grossly misleading.” I'd prefer to call it lying – or if you are the New York Times, an “incorrect promise” – seeing as they knew this would happen, but those are some pretty strong words from members of his own party.

We have more Democrats who aren't even from red states pushing back against Obama and Obamacare. California Senator Dianne Feinstein is joining Mary Landrieu in her efforts to pass legislation allowing for Americans to keep their current healthcare plans. Perhaps this is because one million Californians have now lost their current insurance! So this unraveling of support for Obamacare isn't just among red state Democrats. It is now pushing deeper into the Democratic political pool.

Liberals believe that the biggest problem with Obamcare is the website. Once the website is functioning, everything will be OK. That doesn't change the fact that millions of Americans – possibly 100 million – will lose their current insurance. Fixing the website won't solve that issue. It also won't solve the underlying negative issues for small businesses. A Public Opinion Strategies poll of more than 400 small businesses cited by the Wall Street Journal found the following:

“Some 64% of small business franchise owners (such as owners of fast food and retail stores) believe the law will have a 'negative impact' on their business, while only 5% expect a 'positive impact.' For non-franchise businesses the ratio was 53% negative and 12% positive. Only one in 12 agree with the President that the health-care law will 'help' their business.”

What's amazing to me is the arrogance among this administration and liberals who try to defend Obamacare. They are convinced that they know better what healthcare plans you should have. Why do these bureaucrats and the government get to decide that?

Now it's important to note that there is a lot of talk about fixing Obamacare. We have these various plans out there from Upton and Landrieu to keep current insurance plans. Some want a delay of the individual mandate. I still maintain that at this point, what is best for the country is a full repeal of the law. Obamacare, even if it “works,” is fundamentally flawed and will not result in better, more affordable care for Americans. It's not fixable. Conservatives can and must do better about articulating healthcare alternatives because Obamacare is simply not an option.