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Dems in Crisis Mode

The hits just keep on coming for Obamacare. It's unraveling before our very eyes. Even Democrats in Washington are pulling away from it, yet the president continues his PR parade to sell Obamacare to the American public.

Some of the latest headlines related to the Obamacare train wreck include:

- Nearly 250,000 people in Colorado have had their insurance plans canceled because of Obamacare. This means that about 4 million people nationwide have received cancelation notices for their current coverage.

- Documents released by the House Oversight and Reform Committee reveal that the administration was warned a day before the launch that the Obamacare website could only handle 1,100 users at a time. So much for that excuse they used about “high traffic” being the reason. They knew they couldn't even a minimal amount of traffic, yet they proceeded nonetheless.

-Country music stars mock Obamacare at CMA awards

- It's now being reported that a new rule issued last week would essentially carve out an exemption for some union insurance plans that would otherwise have been subjected to a new tax under Obamacare. Carve-outs for Congress and the politically connected goes a long way towards further eroding the trust of the American people.

- A whopping four people have signed up for coverage in Delaware. Four! Numbers like this are not only an embarrassment but also a problem for Obamacare to work properly.

- A local news report from North Carolina shows one woman whose insurance costs will be increasing by over 50% because her old plan doesn't meet Obamacare's minimum coverage requirements. She is now just one of millions of Americans experiencing the same thing. The administration knew it would be putting people like this woman in North Carolina in this position.

- The person in charge of technology at the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services – the agency responsible for – has announced he is leaving! Next week Chief Information Officer Tony Trenkle will be leaving the government for the private sector. No one will say whether he was forced out or not.

- A report by Megan McArdle over at Bloomberg points out a host of failures associated with the rollout of Obamacare. It seems as though many of the decisions about which information to share about the progress of building the health exchanges were made in order to avoid Republican criticism about the complicated nature of Obamacare. Her article also points to the fact that CMS staff members were hoping that the site would fail when shown to White House aides less than one month before launch. That's how badly things were in the weeks leading up to October 1; the people creating the site wanted a delay.

Even Democrats have noticed that the real issue, beyond the website and even the law itself, is the issue of credibility. Yesterday 16 Democrats met with Obama about this “crisis of confidence.” Democrat Senator Mark Begich of Alaska says, "Alaskans should be appreciating the critical benefits of the Affordable Care Act, but there is an understandable crisis in confidence because the administration has yet to get it off the ground." It also doesn't help when the Health and Human Services Secretary says in the Senate hearing yesterday that convicted felons could be Obamacare navigators, handling your most precious private information! What kind of confidence does that inspire in the American people? The website itself doesn't work. When it does work, your information isn't secure and could be accessed by convicted felons. And then we have a president who is lying to us about his promises of keeping our healthcare plans. A crisis, indeed.

Ron Fournier calls credibility a “fragile commodity” and he is absolutely right. Without credibility it's difficult to get anything accomplished. So the question then becomes, how does one restore credibility? To start, you must be honest and acknowledge why credibility has been lost. In the case of Barack Obama, he must admit that he lied to the American people, acknowledge how his lie impacts us and tell us how he is going to change. Without this crucial step, the road toward recovered credibility cannot be paved. Unfortunately for the president, I believe he lacks the ability to do this, to come clean. He seems to think that he can lie his way out of lies, operating in a false reality. Maybe it's because his closest advisors don't challenge him. Maybe he is being challenged but he simply refuses to listen or accept reality. The bottom line is that this president becomes increasingly tone deaf, and that doesn't bode well for his credibility either. A liberal ideology to do what he thinks is “right” trumps the means by which he accomplishes that goal.