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Distracting from ObamaCare

Whatever you do, do NOT call it “ObamaCare.” Got it? That's what Nancy Pelosi would like to adamantly remind you, as she did one reporter last week.

Pelosi scolded a reporter who asked her about ObamaCare. Correcting the reporter, Pelosi rebuffed, “First of all, it’s called the ‘Affordable Care Act.’ If that’s what you’re referencing, yeah, they are going after the Affordable Care Act.”

First of all, it doesn't matter what you call it, the law is an utter failure. What's amazing is that Democrats seem to believe that their problems will be solved if they could simply re-brand ObamaCare. A different sales pitch isn't going to change the fundamental failures of the law. What is so hard for liberals to understand about that? By the way, it wasn't that long ago when Obama and the Democrats tried to embrace the term “ObamaCare.” Remember that?

But they are doing absolutely everything they can to at least monopolize on voter ignorance. After all, polling shows that many Americans do not understand that “ObamaCare” and the “Affordable Care Act” are actually the same thing. “The Affordable Care Act” polls more favorably than “ObamaCare,” and therefore Democrats will do anything they can to stick with that label in order to help their chances. I still think they are missing the real issues. Marketing is trumping sound policy in Washington these days.

A comment was made this morning on MSNBC by Chuck Todd about how the administration managed to go “an entire week without a health care media crisis.” This is entirely by design, and the media is complicit in this. The fact is that the stories related to ObamaCare's failures continue to pour in. But the media would rather cover Bridgegate than it would nearly anything related to the failures of this administration.

Here's a look at some of those stories. While some are reported in mainstream sources, they do not dominate in coverage, especially on the TV networks.

Did you hear that your tax dollars will be used to essentially bail out the insurance companies by subsidizing costs? The Weekly Standard explains that claim costs for insurers of individual plans are capped at $45,000, and anything other that will be paid for by you, the taxpayers! Insurance company losses will also be subsidized by the taxpayers. You can read the particulars of how the numbers play out under ObamaCare, but the bottom line is that tax dollars are being used to artificially skew the market. This will allow ObamaCare to seem as though it is “working,” yet it will be on the backs of hard-working taxpayers.

The Washington Post reports that a second wave of cancelations is upon us. This time it will be small businesses – the engine of economic growth – that will be impacted: “The impact of cancellations in the small-group market is expected to be less dramatic than in the individual market, partly because a higher percentage of small-business policies provide more generous benefits. Still, the changes being made by the insurance industry are leaving some small-business owners confused and disillusioned about the law — whether it is directly to blame for the changes or not.” The Washington Post tries to downplay it, but the fact remains that millions more Americans will lose coverage in 2014 and that is because of ObamaCare.

It's been three months since the rollout of the healthcare exchanges, and yet Oregon's online ObamaCare enrollment system still doesn't work! The exchange is already $25 million over budget, and now they will spend a quarter million dollars to study what went wrong.

Another state, Maryland, is under fire after the Washington Post reported that its officials have known for over a year that its health exchanges wouldn't be ready in time: “More than a year before Maryland launched its health insurance exchange, senior state officials failed to heed warnings that no one was ultimately accountable for the $170 million project and that the state lacked a plausible plan for how it would be ready by Oct. 1.” Millions and millions of dollars have been spent in states, and throughout our federal government, and what do we really have to show for it? What an abject disaster.

The Spanish version of made its debut and the reviews are embarrassing. Apparently the site is written in “Spanglish” with poor translations, and many portions simply take you back to the English-language site.

Over the weekend, Reuters hit on something I've been warning about for a while: ObamaCare may get sick if young Americans don't sign up. Data analyzed by Reuters finds that about 22% of current ObamaCare enrollees are young Americans 18 to 34 years old. This isn't enough to meet projection estimates necessary to keep rates from increasing. Remember that the entire system is predicated on the fact that young people will sign up in droves, subsidizing the costs of older people who tend to cost insurers more.

The media is anxious to cover anything other than ObamaCare, but it is impacting millions of Americans. These Americans deserve better and they deserve solutions, which I've outlined here in my Conservative Solutions Caucus.