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Does He Have Blood on His Hands?

Terry Jones, the controversial Pastor of a small Gainesville, Florida church first made national headlines last year by planning to set thousands of copies of the Qur’an on fire on the ninth anniversary of September 11th. Ultimately after General Patraeus weighed in saying he believed it would be detrimental and dangerous to US troops abroad, and other Government agencies condemned the idea, including a phone call from Secretary Gates to Jones himself, Jones says his church decided “to wait and pray about it.”

The Pastor slipped from national headlines once again until March 20th of this year when he held a “mock trial” finding the holy book of Islam “guilty.” Following the verdict his church streamed live online the burning of a Qur’an and promoted it on Facebook.

Only about 30 people attended the burning, which went viral and incited deadly riots in Afghanistan. At least 20 people were killed and many more injured after violent protests of Pastor Jones and America broke out in Afghanistan between Friday April 1, and Sunday. Reports suggest rioting has tamed but that angry crowds chanted “Death to Karzai” and “Death to America.”

The FBI says that Hezbollah has a $2.4 million bounty on Jones’ head, who vows to put the Islamic prophet Mohammed on trial next. Afghan president Hamid Karzai has called on Congress to condemn the burning.

In a roughly twenty minute interview with the pastor, Sean asks now that he sees the results of what he has done does he take any responsibility. “We take no responsibility” he confidently snaps back. While Jones continues to hammer his point that he wants to “raise awareness of the dangers of Islam” Sean makes a clear cut distinction between Islam and radical Islam.

Sean then forces Jones to confront the question why would he knowingly create a situation that put American lives in danger: “when General Patraeus, who is leading these brave men and women are fearful that you would provoke a situation where the troops’ lives are in jeopardy, why would you ignore that despite the consequences they told you it would be? I would heed that warning and admonition. Why won’t you?"