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DOJ Spying on Fox

Fresh off the heels of the AP scandal, where the Department of Justice secretly pulled two-months of phone records of AP reporters, we now have a new report showing that the Department of Justice also targeted Fox News reporter James Rosen.

The investigation was apparently into his reporting on classified intelligence in North Korea dating back to 2009. I'm sure that a similar excuse will be used by the administration as in the case with the AP story: National security.

The AP is already stating that the DOJ pulling its phone records has affected its ability to report, with sources being weary to talk with reporters. That is entirely understandable, and it is chilling to know that this administration has that kind of power. But according to the Washington Post in the case of James Rosen, the DOJ took things a step further. Not only did they go into his phone records, but they obtained records of his security badge access to the State Department as well as sifted through his personal emails.

This is a pretty chilling fact, reported by the Washington Post: “The Obama administration has pursued more such cases than all previous administrations combined.”

Will reporters express similar outrage as they did over the AP story, considering this involves a Fox News reporter? That remains to be seen. But they absolutely should, because infringement on our civil liberties is a concern for all Americans, regardless of political bent or employment affiliation.