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Drones and the Media Fallout

The fallout continues over yesterday’s leaked memo on the administration’s use of drone strikes to kill people, including American citizens, if they are believed to be “senior operational leaders” of al Qaeda or “an associated force.”

For all of the outrage and name-calling during the Bush administration over the evils of enhanced interrogation techniques – which were only used on three people, by the way, and led to valuable information regarding our national security – somehow Barack Obama will manage to escape the deliberate murder of US citizens virtually unscathed. Why is this? Because the Obama-Mania Media will allow it.

Here’s a subtle example of what I mean. There’s an article today in the Politico written by Josh Gerstein. He says that despite the outrage, “there’s nothing really stunning in the memo.” He says, “Most of the conclusions about the scope of the government’s power against alleged terrorists have been outlined by senior Obama administration officials in speeches last year that began to roll back some of the secrecy surrounding U.S. drone operations abroad.” Be that as it may, if this memo reveals nothing new other than an affirmation of the administration’s complete lack of regard for our Constitution and American lives, why hasn’t the Obama-Mania Media been hounding the administration since last year? The reason is because it doesn’t fit into the narrative that the media has worked to develop for years.

Ironically, the memo has managed to bridge the outrage between conservatives and some on the far Left. On MSNBC, we’ve had Mika Brzezinski, Joe Scarborough, Harold Ford, Jr. and even Ed Schultz express outrage over the memo and point out the hypocrisy of how Democrats acted during the Bush administration; This would have been a “huge controversy,” according to Mika Brzezinski. But why are those on the Left really outraged? At the end of the day, what is the absolute worst thing that could happen politically for liberals? I believe it is to have their Anointed One compared to George W. Bush. For all the years they ranted and raved during the Bush administration, and for all the work they’ve put into distinguishing Barack Obama from George W. Bush, even this memo proved impossible for them not to make the comparison. That must hurt. Big time. But fear not, my friends. There are still some delusional liberals like Touré who are “comfortable” with the idea of the Obama administration being able to kill Americans with unmanned drones. This level of blind ignorance is telling. His love of Barack Obama has completely paralyzed him and rendered him incapable of rational thought.

It was Newsweek editor Evan Thomas who once described Barack Obama as “sort of God.” I suppose in this case he is taking his role as “God” quite seriously, where he or his administration has the power to claim ones inalienable right to life. This speaks to the arrogance of this administration, which we have come to know so well.

Jay Carney told reporters yesterday that their questions on this issue are “best explained by a lawyer.” As Neil Munro of the Daily Caller points out, Barack Obama is a lawyer! Not only that, but some of the Left tout Obama as the smartest man ever to occupy the White House. So why did this brilliant lawyer walk away from questions on this issue? Well I think the answer is pretty obvious.

So what is really going on here? Either the Obama administration believes you, the American people, are ignorant enough not to remember the Liberal outcry during the Bush administration, or the idea of power is so intoxicating that they no longer care about how their actions are being perceived by rational Americans.