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Dumb and Dumber

We do a lot of really dumb things as a nation, but this has to be one of the dumbest.

Egypt is in chaos right now, and the Obama administration has yet to admit that a military coup has taken place.

Yet the United States is going to go ahead with plans to give Egypt four F-16 fighter jets in the coming weeks!

Here's a question I want you to consider: Amidst this chaos, who is going to be receiving these jets? How can we be absolutely certain that these jets won't fall into the wrong hands, potentially the hands of a terrorist organization like the Muslim Brotherhood?

The answer is that we can't be certain, and yet we are going to do it anyway.

We've already sent eight F-16s to Egypt earlier this year, and we are expected to ship eight more later this year. This is in addition to the 200 Abrams tanks we've already given them, not to mention the $1.6 billion in aid.

I don't see the purpose in sending F-16s at this time if we can't even be certain who will be utilizing them.

Source: Egypt unrest: US to go ahead with F-16 jets delivery