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Eyebrow-Raising Spending Post-Sequester

After spending weeks fear-mongering and scaring Americans into thinking that “Draconian” cuts to the tune of $44 billion this year would spell the apocalyptic doom of America as we know it, we've noticed some questionable government spending that managed to make the cut. Here are a few examples …

Despite the embarrassing spectacle of closing the White House for tours, it turns out that there are still dozens of White House employees and assistants who earn six-figure salaries. These include people like a "deputy assistant" for energy and climate change, who earns $140,000 a year. In fact, in review of the 2012 salaries by our own Fox News, 139 White House staffers make $100,000 or more.

While the National Science Foundation has had to rework its priorities due to less funding (it's still receiving $43 million in new funding this year), take a look at some of the grants which still make the cut even after sequestration: $227,437 to study pictures of animals in National Geographic magazines, $605,543 on a study called “Linking Foraging Behaviors to Demography to understand Albatrosses Population Responses to Climate Change,” and $2.4 million for a study “Geodesy Revealing the Earth in Action.”

The National Health Institute has awarded $1.5 million to the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts to study “biological and social factors for why 'three-quarters' of lesbians are obese and why gay males are not,” according to CNSNews.

On the first full day that sequestration went into effect, you will remember that the federal government posted 400 jobs openings. Now, according to a search on the USA Jobs federal employment website, there are now over 2,500 jobs available within the United States. As PJ Media points out, “This includes 107 positions at the Department of Homeland Security, which has claimed cutbacks have resulted in everything from a more taxing security line at airports to the need to free illegal immigrant detainees.”