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Fail: ObamaCare Exchange Rollout

The disastrous Obamacare rollout continues to dominate the news and for good reason. This is a big law with big consequences and the stakes couldn't be any higher for this administration. Unfortunately for this administration, only 12% of Americans think the Obamacare exchange rollout is going well, according to a new CBS News poll.

What's stunning to learn is that this administration knew that the Obamacare exchange rollout was going to be an unmitigated disaster and yet they went for it nonetheless. Talk about arrogance. Who made that decision and why? Answering that question is important because we, the American people, deserve to know how $634 million of our tax dollars could possibly be so poorly mismanaged. If you ask liberals who is responsible, they will pin the blame on Republicans or the private sector. But when we're talking about a big government plan, crafted and passed solely by Democrats, it's hard to see how Republicans and private businesses are suddenly to blame.

There was a briefing this morning on the implementation of Obamacare, but guess who was not invited? House Republicans. Republicans were shut out of the process of crafting healthcare legislation, passing healthcare legislation and now gaining information about healthcare legislation. This comes after Kathleen Sebelius already snubbed the House this week by declining to testify at a House hearing. She will apparently appear before Congress next week instead.

The calls for accountability and for Kathleen Sebelius to resign continue to mount. In an interview yesterday with CNN's Sanjay Gupta, she revealed some telling information. For example, our own Health and Human Services Secretary – the woman in charge of implementing Obamacare – hasn't signed up for Obamacare! When are these lawmakers and administration officials going to get in through their heads that the American people are sick of being forced to live under their laws and regulations, but somehow that doesn't apply to the people who make them or enforce them. This is why Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is calling for a constitutional amendment that would force Congress, as well as Executive and Judicial Branch officials, to live under the same laws as the rest of us: "Congress shall make no law applicable to a citizen of the United States that is not equally applicable to Congress." It's unbelievable that we even have to ask them to do this, but this is where we are at with this administration right now.

How desperate is this administration to spin the message?

- A consumer sales manager for Blue Cross Blue Shield in North Dakota revealed that the Obama administration asked them not to report how many people had signed up for coverage, knowing how terrible the numbers would look. Apparently only 20 people in North Dakota have enrolled in their exchange.

- Also something that is happening is that numbers being reported aren't always reflective of those signing up for Obamacare but people enroll in Medicaid.

- Obama is now calling for his campaign arm – Organizing for Action – to help him get people registered for Obamacare. That's where we are at: the President of the United States is using his campaign apparatus to force people into his prized healthcare law.

- And just so you know, $130,000 of your tax dollars has been paid to the Baltimore Ravens to promote Obamacare in Maryland.

We've highlighted many of the impacts Obamacare is having on this nation, including hiring and jobs. For example, did you know that a recent Gallup poll found that two-fifths of small business owners have held off hiring because of Obamacare? These small businesses are the engine of American growth; No wonder our economy is stalling! But one of the impacts we haven't really focused on much is the impact on doctors. These are the people who are forced to brave the front lines of our evolving healthcare system, but many of them are simply choosing to hang it up. This is expected to cause a massive doctor shortage, and you know what that means for the future quality of care … especially as more people are forced into the healthcare system. Those doctors who remain in private practice are switching over to concierge medicine, opting out of Medicare and Medicaid. But for the rest of America who will be stuck with government insurance and government healthcare, the WSJ gives us a glimpse of what we can expect: “When doctors are employed like factory workers by hospitals, data from the Medical Group Management Association and others indicate, their productivity falls—sometimes by more than 25%. They see fewer patients and perform fewer timely procedures, exacerbating the troubles caused by physician shortages. Continuity of care also declines, since now a physician's responsibilities end when his shift is over.” That's the future of healthcare, thanks to Obama and the Democrats!

Did you hear the latest of what is happening in places like Florida and California? Blue Cross Blue Shield customers in Florida were notified that 300,000 would be losing their policies. 300,000! In California, Kaiser Permanente dropped 160,000 policies. The promise of “if you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it” will have to go down as one of the most blatantly dishonest lies ever sold to the American people.

As I pointed out yesterday, the failure of the Obamacare exchange rollout speaks to much more than just a bad website. What this truly demonstrates is a crisis of confidence in this administration. We have three more years of an Obama presidency to endure. It'll be interesting to see what political power he will wield after being bruised so badly by the failed rollout of his signature piece of legislation.