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FBI Has Suspects In Marathon Bombing

After a swirl of confusion yesterday leaving the American public questioning whether or not a suspect had been arrested or even identified, the FBI has finally spoken. In a press conference just after 5pm/ET today, some answers were given. The FBI stated that through careful process of analysis and sifting through countless hours of video and photos they have developed 2 persons of interest. They are being referred to as “suspect 1” and “suspect 2.” Suspect 1 is wearing a dark baseball cap, dark jacket and light/khaki colored pants. Suspect 2 was seen wearing a white baseball cap backwards in all dark clothing.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has released video surveillance footage as well as zoomed in photographs of the two men on their website They warn that all other videos and footage floating around on the internet or through social media outlets should NOT be “deemed credible” and all attention should remain on the images they have released. The FBI stated that they are still searching for the two suspects, and are asking the public “to play a critical role in locating and identifying” the two individuals. The Bureau is asking anyone with key information to go to the tip website they have created:

The FBI also warned the public that these men are expected to be armed and dangerous. They advised that “no one should attempt to apprehend them” but immediately contact law enforcement for assistance.

For more photos from the FBI please click here.