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France's Burqa Ban Goes into Effect

Last September French Parliament banned burqas and other full-body robes worn by some Muslim women. The law was passed primarily by the center-right party of President Nicolas Sarkozy. The law, which went into effect on April 11 of this year after a six month grace period, is just the latest example of European nations taking action. Switzerland and Belgium have gone through similar lengths, and there are discussions taking place in Spain, all showing the growing concern of the rise of Muslim culture in Europe.

Are tensions similarly running high in the United States, particularly with the debate over the ground zero mosque, and will actions have to be taken here? Sean brings in David Horowitz and Mike Ghouse to debate.

Sean begins that already America is struggling with some who want America to be more Shariah law compliant. Mike Ghouse disagrees with the French parliament saying that burqas are “not a religious requirement. It’s cultural” which is hard to un-do. A cultural requirement is akin to not letting women eat or drink what they want, Ghouse argues.

David Horowitz however believes that women in Islamic cultures are not free and wearing the burqa is a symbol of that lack of freedom. “When the Taliban came into power they made women wear burqas.”

Furthermore Horowitz notes that the spread of Islam has become a severe problem and that “France is under assault from Muslims. Jews are fleeing France because of persecution from Muslims. This is a modest step to contain this threat.” And that the spread of Shariah compliance in Europe and should it come to the United States needs to be seriously assessed and taken care of because “Shariah is totalitarianism. A state enforcing religious laws is a totalitarian society” and we cannot allow it to change America.