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Freeze tag, wiffle ball deemed unsafe by bureaucrats

New regulations on classic children's games like tag, kickball and Wiffle Ball at New York day camps are an unnecessary attempt to "legislate fun," the president of the company behind the iconic backyard game told

Dave Mullany, president of Wiffle Ball, Inc., based in Shelton, Conn., told that he was shocked to hear that lawmakers in Albany recently identified the activity as "poses a significant risk of injury" along with other iconic childhood pastimes, like dodgeball.

"It's crazy," Mullany said on Tuesday. "Amid all this talk of us becoming a nation of overweight kids, we really need to promote activity and kids having fun. Should these kids go to summer camp and sit quietly with their hands folded? It's a little disconcerting to see fun being legislated."

Mullany said he expects to receive additional emails on top of the ones already "pouring in" voicing opposition to the new guidelines.

The New York State Department of Health created the list of risky recreational activities in response to a state law passed in 2009. According to the New York Daily News, the law sought to close a loophole that legislators said allowed too many indoor camp programs to operate without oversight.

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