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Gingrich previews Super Tuesday

On the eve of Super Tuesday, Sean began this week with the full slate of GOP presidential candidates starting with former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. “You seem to have a certain peace about you,” began Hannity, “You seem to be distancing yourself and focusing on the issues.”

Impressive to have a ‘peace’ about him as he battles the main stream media, such as his quarrel with David Gregory over the weekend. “It’s funny you say that, somebody has put out on YouTube where they have Obama in the ’08 debates against Hillary and me in the debates this year and they cleverly edited it so that it looks like we’re actually debating, it’s very cool.”

Hannity continued, “Is it concerning to you that there are no more debates scheduled?” “Absolutely,” agreed Gingrich ,”Tomorrow night I’m going to challenge the candidates to join me in Mississippi or Alabama next week, we owe the people a chance to see us.”

While a skilled debater, Gingrich also doesn’t want to focus on “petty issues” and brings up gas prices-something that is affecting virtually all Americans. Additionally issues such as Israel and Netanyahu’s meeting with Obama and the deterioration of our relationship with Israel since Obama has come into office.

Newt has a great feeling about Super Tuesday and thinks he’ll gain some ground and delegates. Speaker Gingrich’s greatest campaign asset is his debate tactic, but he needs to show a strong presence in the Super Tuesday battle.