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Giuliani: "Obama Admin Worst Foreign Policy Since Carter"

Guest host Rudy Giuliani took the Hannity airwaves on Monday and kicked off the show discussing the Obama administration's foreign policy...or lack thereof. "Some people don't really understand what the definition of a Democracy really is," said Rudy. "We think a Democracy is where somebody gets elected. That's only about 25 percent of what constitutes a Democracy. I'll remind you that Hitler was elected, Ahmadinejad was
elected. I can give you hundreds of examples of people who were elected in countries that are not a Democracy. A Democracy is not just elections, it's checks and balances of power, a legal system, a protection of rights, freedom of religion - all things that Morsi (recently overthrown president of Egypt) was undercutting since he was elected," Rudy explained.

"What the protesters in Egypt did was to prevent a further erosion of Democracy, although nobody knows how this is going to turn out. Maybe there is a chance they can create a government that is not only a Democracy in name but in reality. The unfortunate part of this is that it seems America had very little to do with this. We have a president who watches things rather than guiding things. I'm not even sure if he watches things. Our foreign policy under this administration is feckless - in almost every respect."

"This is as bad as I can remember our foreign policy being since the Carter administration. But at least under the Carter administration there were some positives. Here it seems to me that our president's policy of following rather than leading has America now in a situation where we seem to be guessing most of the time - and for the most part, guessing wrong," Rudy concluded.