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GOP Message Disicpline

If sequestration has emphasized one thing it is this: Democrats have incredible message discipline, regardless of how ridiculous the message may be. Democrats have been consistent in their message of the damaging effects of the sequester, while Republicans seemed scattered in their response. This is nothing new for the Republicans, and it is much to their detriment.

I believe that one of Barack Obama's main roles has become the Destroyer-in-Chief. He is not just out to score political points for the Democrats; He is out to destroy the Republican Party. Beyond the demonizing and demagoguing, Obama and the Democrats have employed the strategy of tossing a bunch of issues into the mix and dividing the Republicans' attention. The Republicans need to recognize this strategy and rise above it. They need to stop playing defense and move to an offensive game, backed by clear, conservative policies.

In my opinion, Republicans should remain focused on the following

1. Limited Government

2. Balancing the budget

3. Securing the border

4. Energy independence

Continuing to focus on these policies based on conservative values will do a better job of growing the conservative movement. This is imperative because we cannot continue the current generational theft that is happening in Washington. The only way that it can be stopped is with a united front of clear, conservative messages that, I think, will resonate with a vast majority of Americans. Most Americans, I would argue, actually want less government intrusion in their life. Most Americans recognize that our debt and deficit is out of control and could spell the end of this Republic if we don't don anything about it. Most Americans want our nation to be secure and that starts at our own borders. Most Americans would agree that it is dumb to continue to buy oil from countries that hate us, rather than produce it ourselves.

This isn't rocket science. Instead of fighting against Obama, let's fight for conservative principles.