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Gun Control Debate Moves Forward

Today is a big day in the Senate, as the debate over gun control really kicks into gear. The Senate voted this morning to start debate on the Democrat's gun bill, along with a host of amendments, including the Toomey-Manchin compromise on background checks. Sixteen Republicans ended up voting for the motion to proceed, with two Democrats voting against.

The debate is likely to go on for a while, maybe weeks. But in the end, this is nothing but feel-good legislation. I call it that because it will not solve the problem of preventing horrific tragedies like we saw in Newtown, Aurora, Tuscon and elsewhere. It bothers me that this debate is labeled as “gun violence prevention” when the legislation and amendments they will be discussing won't do anything of the sort. In the end, the NRA is exactly right. A recent statement reads in part:

“The sad truth is that no background check would have prevented the tragedies in Newtown, Aurora or Tucson. We need a serious and meaningful solution that addresses crime in cities like Chicago, addresses mental health deficiencies, while at the same time protecting the rights of those of us who are not a danger to anyone.”

As Senator Ted Cruz pointed out last night on Hannity, we should be focusing on punishing violent criminals. There is also a significant mental healthcare component which is being largely ignored in this debate.

Guns are rightly used to protect our money, our president, athletes, actors, and other leer-jet limousine liberals who hire armed body guards … why can't our children in schools have the same protections, using retired policemen or military veterans as a first line of defense for our most vulnerable in society?

In the end, if the current gun control legislation won't work to prevent future, heart-breaking tragedies, then what's the point?