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Gun control makes headlines

The assault weapons ban is back in the news as the Senate Judiciary Committee advanced legislation to the Senate floor. The bill, championed by Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein, would also ban large-capacity ammunition magazines carrying more than 10 rounds. This is not her first rodeo when it comes to this issue, but she will face intense opposition once the bill comes to the floor, not only from Republicans but also Democrats from conservative-leaning states. While Feinstein's bill seems destined for defeat, considering the Republican-led House, no one is accusing her of wasting time for idealogical reasons, like they are with Paul Ryan and Ted Cruz pushing for the repeal of ObamaCare.

If Democrats were successful in their gun control efforts – a distinct possibility if they win the House in 2014 – Americans are worried that such attempts to limit our Second Amendment rights are just the beginning. After all, most gun crimes committed in America are committed using handguns. How long under Democrats latch onto that statistic and demand to limit, if not outlaw altogether, handguns? It may seem far-fetched but one month ago Democrat Rep. Jan Schakowsky admitted that the assault weapons ban was just the beginning, stating that she is also “against handguns.” A few weeks ago, Chicago Democrat Rep. Luis Gutierrez expressed his intentions to propose legislation banning the production of low-quality handguns. But questioning the idea of such a limit or ban makes one “paranoid” according to Democrat Rep. Jim Moran. Earlier in the week he said the following:

“I can understand that there's always going to be people who are 'paranoid' over government attempting to intrude into their life and there are no plans to go after handguns, although I do support legislation that would limit the purchase of handguns to no more than one a month, which seems to be reasonable."

So he is calling people paranoid for thinking that the government is going to come after handguns, yet we have multiple members of Congress who have already expressed a desire to do so. That's why Feinstein's legislation is important because it establishes a slippery-slope when it comes to our Second Amendment rights.

On a state level, the debate over gun control in Colorado has ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous. Joining New York in passing strict limits on ammunition magazines, Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper's signature is the only thing now left for this gun control bill to become law.