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Gun Control Push

Congress returned to Washington this week. On the heels of a dismal jobs report and the news that a record number of Americans are now living in poverty, you would think that jobs and the economy would be top-of-mind. But you would be incorrect. Instead we will continue to focus on what some describe as Obama legacy issues: Gun control and immigration reform.

The debate over gun control immediately took center stage as the Senate started the process to start debate on gun control legislation. But like most things in Washington, it isn't that simple. A group of conservatives in the Senate including Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul (and even Mitch McConnell) are ready to filibuster gun control legislation, taking a stand for our Second Amendment. But this threat of a filibuster has been met with much controversy. Here are some of the reaction …

- Yesterday, while using the parents of children who were tragically murdered at Sandy Hook as props for a speech on gun control, Barack Obama called a potential GOP filibuster a “stunt.” He said, "Some folks in Washington are already floating the idea that they may use political stunts to prevent votes on any of these reforms.” Standing up for our Constitution is hardly a political student, Mr. President. Then OIbama shamelessly asks, "What's more important to you -- our children or an A grade from the gun lobby?" Can you believe this guy? Obama also said during his speech that this is not about politics, “Let's make it a little harder for our kids to get gunned down.” Yet if you ask those in law enforcement, “92 percent feel that banning semi-automatic firearms, or 'assault weapons,' would have no effect or a negative effect on reducing violent crime.”

- Barack Obama also continues to point out that each piece of the legislation “has the support of the majority of the American people.” Last time I checked, we were not a Democracy but a Constitutional Republic. Our system is set up so as to protect our rights from the whims of the masses, and that includes our right to bear arms.

- Jay Carney says it would be “shameful” not to allow gun control measures to come up for a vote: "The victims of Newtown -- the 20 kids and the 6 educators who lost their lives -- deserve a vote. And that if you want to vote no, vote no. Don’t block a vote. That’s not doing service to the memory of these kids."

- Harry Reid also says that each measure in the legislation is deserving of a vote. He says the families of the Newtown tragedy are owed a vote and to those who may try and stop it: “Shame on them.”

- Then we have people from within the Republican Party such as John McCain who do not support the filibuster. He says, “I don't understand it,” and questions, “What are we afraid of?” I've really had it with these RINOs who fail to stand up for conservative principles and criticize those who actually do.

- In reaction to John McCain's comment on the filibuster, fellow RINO Joe Scarborough on the so-called NBC news network actually said that a filibuster on the issue of background checks would be like basically putting “rapists’ rights ahead over parents’ rights to keep their kids safe when they go to school.”

One of the main sticking points of gun control legislation is over universal background checks. While the extent of background checks and record keeping varies among Democrats, even groups like the ACLU warn that the language in Harry Reid's bill could potentially lead to a universal gun registry. But don't worry … the Obama-mania media is doing its due diligence in pushing the White House talking point on the issue. NBC's Matt Lauer recently lamented, "There does seem to be a disconnect...90% of the Americans, when asked about expanding background checks say, 'Yes, we're in favor of that.' And yet, if you look at the prospects for doing it in Congress, they don't seem all that positive."

Obama's political capital on the issue on gun control is slipping quickly. According to a new CNN/ORC International poll, “On guns, 45 percent approve and 52 percent disapprove, the poll found. In January, 46 percent approved and 49 percent disapproved.” The same goes for immigration and deficit reduction, by the way. This is why Obama, along with Biden and Michelle, will engage in a PR parade this week to sell the issue to the American people.

Republicans who plan to stand up for our Second Amendment need to make sure that the American people understand that the Sandy Hook tragedy would not have been prevented with the gun control legislation being proposed. This is not about disrespecting the parents or the children of the tragedy, as Democrats and the Obama administration would have you believe. This is about our Constitution.

But while Washington battles the issue, some states are doing what they can to push gun control but using one of the greatest weapons they have in their arsenal: Taxes! Imposing high taxes on guns and ammo is becoming a popular idea as a way to curb gun usage.