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He Came Amongst Us

This quote from Chris Matthews discussing his interview with the president really says it all: “He came to us today. He came amongst us.” Chris “tingles up his leg” Matthews is awe-inspired by the fact that the Anointed One came down from his Heavenly perch and spoke to his most ardent supporters at MSNBC.

Give me a break. This idolization of Obama is unhealthy. He is our president, elected to protect our Constitution, he isn't a God. So many in the liberal media want to treat him as such. Matthews has already declared Obama to be “perfect,” which is why it is impossible for people like him to comprehend how Obama failed so miserably when it comes to ObamaCare.

Gallup polling out today finds that 52% of Americans support scaling back or repealing ObamaCare. The numbers continue to slide out of Obama's favor. I've told you about his huge loss of support among Millenials. A majority disapprove of the president and would go as far as to remove him from office. A majority also disapprove of ObamaCare. A recent United Technologies/National Journal Congressional Connection poll finds the following among Millenials: “18 percent of respondents in this age group said it was 'very likely' Obamacare would be repealed by Congress next year, while 33 percent said it was 'somewhat likely' the law would be done away with.” It's not that they want ObamaCare to be repealed but they expect it to be repealed.

We showed a video last night on Hannity where college students were asked about ObamaCare and virtually none of them were interested in signing up. As George Will says, young people are going to sign up either out of altruism (doing something good for others) or because they don't know any better (sheer ignorance). But don't worry, Obama is banking on the fact that young Americans will realize that the benefits of ObamaCare are “priceless.” It's hard for him to claim that when young people are looking at healthcare premium price tags bigger than their meager paychecks (if they are even earning one).

But it's not just the young people Obama is losing. New Gallup polling also shows a dramatic decline in Obama's approval rating among Hispanics. It's dropped 23 points, from 75% to 52%, in one year. Mind you, the majority still approve of Obama but it feeds into this overall trend of Americans of all groups losing faith dramatically in this president.

ObamaCare is also losing support from white women, or some call them “waitress moms.” I told you about this yesterday, from the National Journal: “According to Kaiser, 40 percent of college-educated white women hold a 'very unfavorable' view of the law—10 points higher than a month ago. An additional 10 percent view the law 'somewhat unfavorably.' A month ago, those two groups together totaled just 42 percent.”

Another poll conducted by Investors Business Daily finds that 65% oppose a possible insurer bailout if projected ObamaCare figures don't come to fruition.

Yet despite what the American people want, Democrats like Debbie Wasserman Schultz continue to preach: “The Republican obsession over repealing and sabotaging the health care law must stop.” The only one sabotaging healthcare is ObamaCare, which is forcing people to lose their current coverage and their doctors and increasing their cost of care.

ObamaCare is an abject disaster for this president, who remained popular with the public until the failed rollout of the exchanges. He managed to survive numerous scandals and possible military engagements and while his poll numbers slipped, it was nothing to this dramatic extent. I can understand why: the mainstream media is just now catching up to what we in the alternative conservative media have been warning about for years. Had reporting and coverage been this intense during the debate over ObamaCare or even the last election, we might be in a very different position right now in this country.

But this is where we are, and judging by the stories I'm about to share below, Democrats are still in a heap of trouble, despite their best efforts to appear calm, positive and united.

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