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Hillary, The Miniseries

Has the Hollywood-media love affair with Barack Obama faded? I suppose that declining poll numbers combined with a lack of a future campaign makes Obama far less attractive to those seeking to cozy up to power. Therefore the focus is already shifting … to Hillary Clinton.

NBC announced over the weekend that it is producing a miniseries on Hillary Clinton to air sometime before the 2016 election. It will be four hours long and star Diane Lane. An NBC executive promises that the miniseries will be “even-handed in terms of criticism and praise when it comes to dealing with Clinton and her work.” Easier said than done, especially when the screenwriter is known to be an admirer of Hillary's.

John Fund at NRO points out that the series will not cover any of Hillary's life before the Monica Lewinsky scandal, which means a whole host of scandals will remain untouched. But one has to wonder how NBC will handle scandals such as the terrorist attack in Benghazi. Are we to believe that we will get an accurate, in-depth look at exactly what happened leading up to Benghazi (why security requests were denied), the night of Benghazi (who gave stand down orders) or afterwards (who concocted the YouTube video lie)? I highly doubt it. Will they show footage of Hillary blaming a YouTube video while standing in front of the draped caskets of the four heroes who died in Benghazi? I highly doubt it.

When should I expect NBC to announce their miniseries about Marco Rubio or Chris Christie or other potential presidential candidates? I won't hold my breath.

Hollywood has anointed its next ruler. Any critical note in this miniseries (or in the movie on Hillary set to come out in 2016) will be carefully crafted to give the impression of impartiality, but it will only be the parts which they want you to see. The media saw the full force of its power come to fruition when it got Barack Obama elected to office. You can bet that it seeks to do that again with Hillary. The campaign has already begun.

By the way, Hillary was at the White House today to have a private lunch with Barack Obama. Wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall for THAT meeting?