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Holder: Who Does The GOP Represent?

By Tamara Holder | @tamaraholder

Congressman Paul Broun (R-GA) recently said, “If [Obamacare] stays in place as it is now it's going to destroy America."

Broun may be absolutely correct. The Affordable Care Act may be the worst piece of legislation in American history. Americans have legitimate fears about the ACA; however, we cannot guarantee a future result, good or bad.

But right now, without speculation, the GOP has become the party of trepans. By forcing this shutdown, they are hurting the very people that support the conservative movement’s core values: small businesses, corporations, entrepreneurs, and visionaries.


Right now, like it or not, Obamacare is a valid law, passed by both chambers of Congress and signed by President Obama. Like it or not, the Supreme Court upheld the law as constitutional.

No time in the history of our great American democracy has a law been repealed by a minority in Congress. Even the prohibition went through a democratic process where the 18th Amendment was repealed by the 25th Amendment. The duty of our Supreme Court is to rule on matters presents by two sides: an opponent and a proponent. Sometimes, the opponent loses and other times it wins.

We as Americans must be proud that our government follows order, even if we are not in favor of a law. We as Americans have the opportunity to vote (with frequency) for politicians that represent our values and beliefs.

In 2014, every American opposed to Obamacare go to the polls and vote for the legislator that vows to repeal or amend the law. Like it or not, Obamacare stands until that occurs.


Wait…who does the GOP represent during this shutdown?

Take Detroit, for example. Despite the city’s bankruptcy, private companies in the area are thriving. Exports are up 12% from the previous year, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce's International Trade Administration. Since the shutdown, export permits and commodity classifications are unavailable.

Throughout the country, companies cannot provide potential partnering countries with trade statistics. Vital trade missions have come to a screeching stop. Small businesses that export goods that require USDA certificates are at a standstill.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office can only run on its reserves for a couple more weeks. If it shuts down, we cannot register to protect our ideas and intellectual property. Large corporations like Microsoft to small businesses seeking to register its unique trademark will be unprotected.

In Ranson, West Virginia, stinkbugs have "swarmed the region," destroying millions of dollars worth of crops because Department of Agriculture workers are furloughed. Farmers will be left without profits to feed their families and product to feed Americans. (This area is represented by Republican Shelley Moore Capito.)


When our government is fully restored, ObamaCare will still be the law, like it or not. When our government is restored, the effects of the shutdown on American free enterprise will have left a much deeper wound on our families than the GOP ever anticipated.