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Huckabee: A 2012 Presidential Candidate?

Former Arkansas Governor and 2008 Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee has released his ninth book, A Simple Government: Twelve Things We Really Need from Washington (and a Trillion That We Don’t). Does the Governor’s book allude to twelve reasons why he may run for President? Sean makes sure to press him.

Since the 2008 Presidential Elections, Governor Mike Huckabee teamed up with Fox News Channel for a hit TV show. There is great speculation that the former Governor will once again run for the Presidency, which looks particularly promising according to a Public Policy Polling survey.

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The survey has Huckabee with a clear lead of 24 percent ahead of former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney, the ex-governor of Massachussetts, who are tied at 14 percent. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich comes in third with 11 percent, followed by Tim Pawlenty, the ex-governor of Minnesota, with 8 percent.

Each of the twelve things we need from Washington are their own chapter in the book-

The Most Important Form of Government Is a Father, Mother, and Children: We Need a Return to Family Values

The Further you drift from Shore, the More Likely You Are to be Lost at Sea: We Need to Return to local Government

You Can’t Spend What You Don’t Have; You Can’t Borrow What You Can’t Pay Back: We Need to Control Spending and Debt

If you Drain the Lake, All the Fish Will Die: We Need a Simple and Fair Taxation System

Once Humpty Dumpty Falls, It’s Hard to Put Him Back Together: We Need a Responsible Approach to Health and Health Care

If You Don’t Hear the School Bell Ring, Class Never Starts: We Need an Education System That Values All Students

Leave Your Campsite in Better Shape Than You Found It: We Need to Take Responsibility for the Environment

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors. We Need Immigration Reform That Works

Bullies in the Playground Understand Only One Thing: We Need a Strong Approach to Terrorism

When the Bullets Are Real, There Aren’t Any Toy Soldiers: We Need an Effective Military Policy and Strategy

With Enemies Like This, Who Needs Friends? We Need to Strengthen America’s Position on the World Stage

Hope Is More Than Just the Name of My Hometown: We Need to Have Fiath in the Future, No Matter How Big Our Present Problems Are.