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If you fund it, it will grow

I want you to try your best to think of any entitlement program in our history that has been ended or shut down by our government. If you're like me, it's pretty difficult to come up with an example. That's because it is nearly impossible for government programs to come to an end once they are sucked into the big-government machine.

That is exactly what will happen with ObamaCare.

Once ObamaCare is fully implemented, it will be a part of your life and the lives of your children, grandchildren and for however long our nation survives. And it won't just exist in its current form (which is already bigger and more bloated than when it passed). ObamaCare, like all government entitlement programs, will only grow bigger and more expensive as the years go by. Meanwhile, I will guarantee that the quality of care will diminish and costs will rise. That is the nature of government. The solution will then be to throw even more money at the problem, but since when has money proven to be the solution to any problem tackled by Washington? Just take a look at education – We spend billions more than we did decades ago, and yet we haven't seen virtually any improvement in student performance. Money is not the solution, though it will be spent.

If you vote to fund ObamaCare, then you are voting to seal the permanent fate of healthcare in this nation. The one thing about Washington is that its programs need money. If you don't like the program, why vote to fund it? The power of the purse is an important check-and-balance in our system. Yet the hesitation among many Republicans to use that power demonstrates that they are more concerned about maintaining rapidly fading credibility than they are about the long-term harm Obamacare will have on the American people and on our economy. It will also make a mockery of those Republicans who claim to be for limited government.

ObamaCare is the worst thing – at least legislatively – to happen to the country in recent years. If conservatives aren't willing to fight it, than who do you have truly representing you in Washington? The last time I checked, being a watered-down version of the Democrats never did wonders in gaining new GOP voters or exciting existing GOP voters. If that's the case, then you have two options – You move left or you move right. For the GOP, moving left isn't really any option because the Democrats already occupy that part of the political spectrum. So you move to the right and stand for conservative principles that are clear and bold. You stand firm and existing conservatives stand with you and get excited by your perseverance. You communicate and clearly express your message of conservatism and others will listen and recognize that they have a distinctive choice. As the message resonates, more people see conservatism as a viable option filled with opportunity and solutions. That is what attracts people to conservatism … not a wonky Washington fear of partisan politics.

Conservatives need leaders, communicators and visionaries. I believe that there are currently some rising conservative leaders in Washington who stand with bold colors. It's just a shame that people who also claim to be conservative are telling them to cool it, dial it down and quit ruffling feathers. The last time I checked, playing along wasn't working so well for anyone and particularly conservative Americans who are tired with the big, bloated ways of Washington.