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"Investing" Is Not "Spending"

In a discussion over the impending sequestration, Obama's chief of staff Denis McDonough turned to tired, old Washington rhetoric in order to try and spin the liberal message. He told NBC's “Meet the Press” that “this isn't a spending fight for us. This is a fight about whether we're going to make the investments in middle class families in this country, in education, in science and technology, in food inspection, and those kinds of things."

Don't be fooled. What is required in order to “invest” in things like education and technology? Money! So if you want to “invest” in these things, you need to spend money. Therefore, this is a spending fight, and it is a spending battle that is quickly slipping through our hands. Liberals want to “invest” using money that they generate through new taxes … the same money that they also want to use to bring down the deficit. That's Washington math.

For years, and particularly during his push for his stimulus plan in 2009, Barack Obama has been pushing the need for more investment in America. Have you ever asked yourself this question: When will Democrats ever feel as though they have finally invested enough in America? When is the Obama administration going to feel as though it has achieved its “investment” goals in America? The answer is that they never will, yet we can't continue to fund these promises.

While taking on debt and “investing” is one theory as to how to stimulate an economy after a recession, consider how successful it has been – 8 million fewer Americans with jobs, 7.9% unemployment, GDP shrank last quarter. Also consider the fact that these tactics are supposed to be temporary; economists agree that taking on debt and government spending is no way to sustain prolonged economic growth. Yet this has become the norm under Barack Obama.