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IRS ObamaCare rule

This week the IRS published its 75-page final rule on ObamaCare's individual mandate. Are you ready for the title of this rule? The “Shared Responsibility Payment for Not Maintaining Minimum Essential Coverage.”

Shared responsibility payment? That's right! That is the phrase that is being used to describe the mandate's non-compliance penalty. It uses the term “shared responsibility payment” more than 50 times in the rule.

Keep in mind that these “payments” are actually taxes, as ruled by the Supreme Court, and yet the word “tax” is never used in the rule related to the individual mandate.

This is dishonest on the part of the IRS to try and mask the true nature of ObamaCare. The Supreme Court didn't rule on “shared responsibility payments” it ruled on taxes. Calling it anything other than what it truly is is nothing more than liberals trying to change the language in the hopes that the American people are too ignorant to understand what is really going on.

(Daily Caller)