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IRS Outrage Continues

The outrage surrounding the IRS continues …

We have come to learn that government officials improperly scrutinized the tax records of political candidates and campaign donors. For the first time, the Treasury Department has admitted the breach of confidential tax records.

Inspector General J. Russell George – a familiar name to us by now – told Republican Senator Chuck Grassley that a review found four cases since 2006 where government officials accessed or disclosed tax records of political candidates or donors. Mr. George described one case as “willful.”

Mr. George also disclosed to Senator Grassley that investigators are also looking into two allegations of IRS agents targeting political candidates for audits.

Which candidates were targeted and which government officials and employees were involved in the targeting has yet to be disclosed.

What's worse is that our Justice Department has chosen not to prosecute any of these cases. Perhaps Eric Holder is too busy organizing rallies in Florida, rather than prosecute such egregious violations of privacy and trust.

SOURCE: Washington Times